How you can benefit from Goalimpact:

  • Improved career planning of players at any age
  • Simplified access to decision makers at clubs through objective arguments
  • Effectively scout high potential in your sphere
  • Easier comparison of your clients to other players
  • Higher management fees for agents

Portfolio Optimization

Goalimpact works together with several international players’ agents to optimize their respective portfolio. All agent’s clients are checked by Goalimpact on a regular basis, stating the current Goalimpact and forecasting a player’s development.

Also current teammates and league averages are checked in comparison to a specific player. The agents use this data to support transfer decisions and optimize their own portfolio of players.


Career Planning

Using the Goalimpact analytics for career planning, an agent knows when it is the right time for a player to get transferred to a higher league respectively another club focusing on sustainable player development. Playing time of young talents can be assured by better knowing the peer group.

Goalimpact also delivers objective data on older players helping agents to identify the right club and league for their clients at any age.


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