Federico Palacios-Martinez - Mover of the Month

I just updated the database with the games in February and as always I have a look at the players that changed their Goalimpact most in that period. The best performance in this respect had Federico Palacios-Martinez from the U19 of VfL Wolfsburg.

Federico Palacios-Martinez was already previously seen as an above-average talent. The forward player also played in Germany's national team U15, U16 and U17, but didn't make it into the U19 yet. Given the 773 minutes that were analyzed until end of January, he had a GoalImpact of 110.4. A very good score for his age. In February, he added another three full games playing time and they were quite successful.

Werder Bremen U19Wolfsburg U190:5
Wolfsburg U19Chemnitz U197:0
Wolfsburg U19Energie Cottbus U196:0

Having scored 18 goals in just three games and conceding nil is quite outstanding even in a U19 league. Five of the goals were scored by Federico Palacios-Martinez himself. Chemnitz and Energie Cottbus on the low end of the league table, so certainly not hopeless. But Werder Bremen actually is the direct opponent in the fight for the U19 Nothern Bundesliga. Winning 5:0 on foreign ground is a very big win.

This performance raised his Goalimpact to an outstanding 124.1. A talent to keep in mind for the future. And a promising candidate for the German U19 national team.