Germany vs Argentina 1:0 - Goalimpact Classics

Warm-up for the world cup final. The last time Germany and Argentina met in a final was 1990. Some call the final the most one-sided final ever. Germany dominated Argentina 90 minutes. Odds based on starting XI were Germany 44.3%, draw: 29.9%, Argentina: 25.8%.


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Bodo Illgner112.2112.223.31. FC Köln14913857
Andreas Brehme126.2132.029.7Inter39835238
Jürgen Kohler113.0117.124.8Bayern München21019313
Klaus Augenthaler154.5181.432.8Bayern München52047248
Guido Buchwald139.0144.729.4VfB Stuttgart41436729
Thomas Berthold105.7106.925.7AS Roma23121047
Pierre Littbarski136.6144.330.21. FC Köln45039404
Thomas Häßler114.3120.524.11. FC Köln19515515
Lothar Matthäus154.5160.229.3Inter44840250
Rudi Völler134.2141.930.3AS Roma43037350
Jürgen Klinsmann126.2126.425.9Inter30225872
Stefan Reuter125.7133.523.7Bayern München23021209


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Sergio Goycochea107.6107.626.7Millonarios141353
Néstor Lorenzo106.0111.424.3AS Bari292486
Roberto Sensini100.4108.223.8Udinese Calcio454145
José Serrizuela106.1111.428.03310
Óscar Ruggeri114.0119.428.4Real Madrid807327
Juan Simón102.6111.430.3Boca Juniors131210
José Basualdo104.5107.227.0VfB Stuttgart423742
Jorge Burruchaga106.7111.327.8FC Nantes222005
Diego Maradona129.2135.029.7SSC Napoli24922471
Pedro Troglio101.7105.224.9Lazio Roma604372
Gustavo Dezotti101.4102.426.4US Cremonese635045
Pedro Monzón106.7112.128.3Independiente6468
Gabriel Calderón96.1105.430.4Paris Saint-Germain14212417

World Cup 1994: Netherlands vs Brazil 2:3 - Goalimpact Classics

A strong Dutch side saw a narrow defeat against Brazil. Young Marc Overmars was already expected to be world-class one day. Rijkaard and Koeman were well beyond their peak, but still very good. In the Brazil squad Romario sticks out, but overall the Dutch side was considered to be the favorite.


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Ed de Goey119.4119.427.6Niederlande13112179
Frank Rijkaard133.7155.331.8Niederlande26023456
Ronald Koeman122.0139.631.3Niederlande24622012
Stan Valckx108.8121.630.8Niederlande605045
Rob Witschge122.4127.227.9Niederlande14813249
Jan Wouters109.4141.934.1Niederlande16315018
Wim Jonk129.5134.027.8Niederlande11710249
Aron Winter128.7132.327.4Niederlande16114097
Marc Overmars122.9143.421.3Niederlande11610331
Dennis Bergkamp134.6137.225.3Niederlande16314322
Peter van Vossen105.5106.226.3Niederlande271643
Ronald de Boer123.2129.324.3Niederlande1098864
Bryan Roy114.6119.924.5Niederlande1178818


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Márcio Santos111.6115.424.9Brasilien302810
Mauro Silva122.3123.726.6Brasilien837599

World Cup 1966: England - Germany 4:2 - Goalimpact Classics

To further warm up for the World Cup, here a new post in the Goalimpact Classics series. This time a vivid, but less pleasant memory for the German readers. Many English players were not covered by Goalimpact prior the tournament and we therefore listed the ratings after the games. Hence, the scores of the Englishmen often are not really significant. However, we'd say that Germany was likely the better team, but as England had the home field advantage it was an even match. Maybe even England was favorite by a narrow margin.


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Gordon Banks101.8101.828.6England6589
George Cohen105.2107.126.8England6589
Ray Wilson97.1116.931.6England10961
Jack Charlton100.9117.431.3England6589
Bobby Moore103.3105.725.3England111054
Nobby Stiles109.8115.924.2England141333
Alan Ball97.7119.121.3England4403
Bobby Charlton106.6112.128.8England211984
Martin Peters104.1116.322.8England6589
Geoff Hurst104.8109.424.7England4403
Roger Hunt110.3115.328.0England161581


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Hans Tilkowski106.7106.731.1Deutschland1069920
Horst-Dieter Höttges120.3131.922.9Deutschland726727
Karl-Heinz Schnellinger108.0111.327.3Deutschland817564
Franz Beckenbauer112.1136.220.9Deutschland555177
Willi Schulz109.2113.727.8Deutschland958928
Wolfgang Weber117.8132.722.1Deutschland878153
Helmut Haller106.7109.327.0Deutschland484526
Wolfgang Overath117.7129.422.8Deutschland1029548
Uwe Seeler102.2108.229.8Deutschland15014012
Sigfried Held113.3120.124.0Deutschland373503
Lothar Emmerich118.3122.824.7Deutschland1039641

Suggestions for more classics are welcome in the comments.

World Cup 1974: Netherland - Germany 1:2 - Goalimpact Classics

To warm up for the World Cup, we start a series of historical ratings. This is inspired by Spielverlagerung's excellent live analysis of the 1954 World Cup final between Hungary and Germany. We'd love to post the stats of that game, too, but unfortunately we started out database 1965, so we can't produce the numbers without a few days of extra work. Hence we chose another match that is a comparable nice memory in German football history.

Goalimpact is designed to be comparable across time, so the scale should be the same as today's. However, we do not have data on the Dutch first division from that time and hence the Goalimpacts of the Dutch players are taken from few international games only and hence should be taken with a grain of salt. All values are from the first of the month before the match took place.


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Jan Jongbloedn.a.n.a.n.a.00
Ruud Krol117.2119.925.2312851
Wim Rijsbergen115.1128.822.3161408
Wim Suurbier112.2118.029.3Niederlande484510
Arie Haan117.0118.525.5252272
Wim van Hanegem120.0128.630.3Niederlande322862
Wim Jansen122.0125.927.6Niederlande353317
Johan Neeskens113.3125.622.8Niederlande312839
Johan Cruyff125.6128.427.1Niederlande716493
Rob Rensenbrink102.3104.626.9141286
Johnny Rep111.8124.922.5161189
Theo de Jong117.1119.126.8161473
René van de Kerkhofn.a.n.a.n.a.00


PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeTeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Sepp Maier149.2149.230.3Deutschland40337670
Berti Vogts144.9148.427.4Deutschland34732502
Georg Schwarzenbeck143.3143.726.2Deutschland31829586
Franz Beckenbauer158.9164.328.8Deutschland40537757
Rainer Bonhof119.8134.422.214612843
Paul Breitner128.2140.322.8Deutschland15613586
Wolfgang Overath134.0145.930.7Deutschland40737587
Uli Hoeneß128.2141.822.4Deutschland19016643
Bernd Hölzenbein110.1115.228.322219670
Jürgen Grabowski111.2117.329.9Deutschland27825407
Gerd Müller157.2162.528.6Deutschland39036403


  • Germany's defense was fantastic
  • Beckenbauer was the best German player and hence has earned his title "Der Kasiser".
  • Gerd Müller was freaking awesome
  • Paul Breitner's and Uli Hoeneß's talent was visible early on
  • Cruyff was the best Dutch player, but the overall squad was not as good as we'd expect. However, we repeat that Goalimpact is not looking at the full picture here, but only at the international games.
Wishes for the next historical game to be published are welcome in the comments. The 1966 final anyone?