FC Malaga vs. Borussia Dortmund: Champios League Quarter Final Preview

As preparation for tomorrow's quarter final, here a short glimpse on the Goalimpacts of FC Malaga and Borussia Dormund. The expected starting XI are taken from kicker.de. I'll no longer paste the line-ups as text but use a picture instead. I hope this improves readability.

FC Malaga

Bench: Lucas Piazon (108.9), Willy Caballero (107.2), Nacho Monreal (111.3), Camacho (106.3), Eliseu (102.0), Portillo (105.4), Duda (106.4), Roque Santa Cruz (127.9), Sanchez (103.6)

FC Malaga has some quality in their team. Saviola and Demichelis are two veterans that play on highest level for many years. Joaquin and Baptista are two good wingers, but not really world-class. Isco is very talented and 110 for a 20 years old player isn't bad at all. Still he is not yet the super-star yet, that he may in future be. In the defensive midfield there is the exellenct Toulalan at the side of the less impressive Iturra. Malaga should consider starting with Camacho instead of Iturra.

Malagas weakness are the wing defenders. Both Gamez and Antunes are not of the quality that one would expect in a Championship quarter final. Given that Iturra is not outstanding either, I'd advice attack on Malaga's right wing. Dortmund's left forward Marco Reus may become the man of the match.

Borussia Dortmund

Bench: Kevin Großkreutz (127.4), Oliver Kirch (94.9), Moritz Leitner (114.8), Julian Schieber (115.7), Felipe Santana (117.9), Leonardo Bittencourt (88.5), Nuri Sahin (126.9), Mitchell Langerak (115.8), Sebastian Kehl (134.3)

Injured: -

Dortmunds team is superior on most positions. There are no apparent weak spots as there are in Malaga. They are also able to sent their best 11 players. Even Schmelzer is reported to play with his injured nose covered by a mask. They have some quality on the bench too, but the general depth of the team is not that high and many injuries would be reducing chances significantly.

Key will be if Schmelzer's, Reus' and Götze's play against Antunes, Iturra and Weligton. Dortmund has certainly an attractive attack vector here.


FC Malaga