Fabian Kling - Mover of the Month

This months top-mover of all 44,914 active players was Fabian Kling. Kling is a 26 years ol center-back playing at FV Illertissen in Regionalliga Bayern, the fourth German league. He might be known to U.S. soccer fans as he played 2012 for the San Antonio Scorpions FC in the North American Soccer League. Coming back to German might turn out to be a good move, because he had an outstanding series in September.

04.09.2013Viktoria AschaffenburgvsFV Illertissen0:4
07.09.2013FV IllertissenvsEintracht Bamberg4:1
14.09.2013SpVgg Bayern HofvsFV Illertissen0:3
21.09.2013FV Illertissenvs1. FC Schweinfurt 055:1
27.09.2013Bayern München IIvsFV Illertissen0:2

Five games, thereof three on the road, won with a total goal difference of +16. One of them even in the stadium of Bayern München II, the B-team of the current Champions League winner that leads the Regionalliga Bayern.

That performance increased his Goalimpact from an already very good 102,7 to 110,2. But as can be seen in the following graph, the risk is not zero, because unfortunately I do not have his time in the U.S. in my database. His value therefore uncertain, similar to that of a younger player.

However, surely a club from 3. Liga is willingly to take that risk and hire him for 50,000 Euros, no? Even if his true Goalimpact will turn out to be 100 instead of 110, that would be a bargain. If not, if the team continues this current performance, he will play 3. Liga next year anyway.