Hall Of Fame - The Best Football Players of All Time

So far, only 65 players in history managed to have a Goalimpact of more than 160. Here is the full list in order of entry.

NumberDate of EntryNameTeam
104/1976Gerd MüllerBayern München
204/1976Franz BeckenbauerBayern München
312/1976Sepp MaierBayern München
404/1980Berti VogtsBor. Mönchengladbach
505/1981Paul BreitnerBayern München
605/1985Felix MagathHamburger SV
706/1985Bodo RudwaleitBFC Dynamo
804/1986Dieter HoeneßBayern München
906/1986Klaus AugenthalerBayern München
1012/1986Norbert TrieloffBFC Dynamo
1105/1987Erich ObermayerAustria Wien
1206/1987Manfred KaltzHamburger SV
1312/1987Uli SteinEintracht Frankfurt
1406/1988Herbert ProhaskaAustria Wien
1504/1990Hans PflüglerBayern München
1611/1993ZubizarretaFC Barcelona
1710/1994Bernd SchusterBayer Leverkusen
1806/1995Leo LainerRB Salzburg
1910/1997SanchisReal Madrid
2010/1998Lothar MatthäusBayern München
2104/2002Andreas MöllerFC Schalke 04
2203/2003Oliver KahnBayern München
2302/2006Patrick VieiraJuventus
2403/2006Ryan GiggsManchester United
2510/2006Claude MakeleleChelsea FC
2611/2006Paul ScholesManchester United
2712/2006Gary NevilleManchester United
2810/2007Luis FigoInter
2912/2008Thierry HenryFC Barcelona
3012/2008John TerryChelsea FC
3102/2009Edwin van der SarManchester United
3210/2009PuyolFC Barcelona
3310/2009XaviFC Barcelona
3411/2009Frank LampardChelsea FC
3503/2010Iker CasillasReal Madrid
3606/2010Ashley ColeChelsea FC
3706/2010Victor ValdesFC Barcelona
3806/2010Petr CechChelsea FC
3907/2010Lionel MessiFC Barcelona
4011/2010Cristiano RonaldoReal Madrid
4112/2010Bastian SchweinsteigerBayern München
4203/2011Alessandro NestaAC Milan
4304/2011Ricardo CarvalhoReal Madrid
4405/2011Dani AlvesFC Barcelona
4507/2011Philipp LahmBayern München
4609/2011IniestaFC Barcelona
4710/2011Wayne RooneyManchester United
4810/2011Xabi AlonsoReal Madrid
4911/2011KakaReal Madrid
5011/2011BusquetsFC Barcelona
5112/2011Cesc FabregasFC Barcelona
5303/2012Patrice EvraManchester United
5405/2012Mesut ÖzilReal Madrid
5505/2012PedroFC Barcelona
5606/2012ArbeloaReal Madrid
5708/2012PiqueFC Barcelona
5808/2012Sergio RamosReal Madrid
5910/2012Mark van BommelPSV Eindhoven
6012/2012Thomas MüllerBayern München
6112/2012AlexParis Saint-Germain
6212/2012Zlatan IbrahimovicParis Saint-Germain
6303/2013Arjen RobbenBayern München
6404/2013Javier MascheranoFC Barcelona
6505/2013Manuel NeuerBayern München

Goalimpact allows, in principle, for inter-temporal comparison. However, we can see that today more player per year enter the list than in the 1990s and before. One reason for this is the emergence of more leagues in my database and a resulting score inflation. Another reason is the higher amount of games played by a single player today as compared to the 'good old times'. This makes the job easier for the algorithm to differentiate between good and bad players and good players therefore can easier reach higher values.

I like historical analysis and if I come around data from the old times that are missing at the moment, I'll try to add them to my database and update this list. One league that comes to mind is the Dutch Eredivisie. I have it only from 2003 onward. Johan Cruyff was at his time in he top 30 of the players all along, but could never reach 160+ because I recorded too few minutes of him and his scored therefore suffered from the regression to the mean. I'd love to add his time at Ajax.

Top Rated Under-21 XI in Europe

whoscored.com published their bottom-up picks of the best under 22 years players playing in the five top leagues of Europe. So let's compare that to the top-down view of that. WhoScored picks are

When comparing the players to the one selected by Goalimpact, I was first surprised they were quite different. But then I realized that some of the best young players according to Goalimpact are actually not playing at least ten games in the top five leagues, so I restrict my analysis to the top leagues, too, otherwise the results are not comparable.

Substitutes: Oscar (CM, 125.7), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (RF, 124.0), David Alaba (LB, 121.0), Cristian Tello (LF, 120.5), Juan (CB, 119.0), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK, 115.0)

Besides the obvious fact that whoscored.com make nicer graphs, what do you think about the picks?

Bayern Munich vs Juventus Turin: Champions League Quater Final Preview

No to much time for blogging today, but I wanted to take the chance to post the teams of tomorrows Champions League quarter final between Bayern Munich and Juventus Turin, probably the most contested quarter finals of all.

Bayern Munich

                                   Manuel Neuer (158.2)

Lahm (184.3)     Boateng (141.9)       Dante (129.8)      Alaba (120.4)

               Schweinsteiger (181.6)            Luiz Gustavo (141.6)

   Müller (163.3)                 Kroos (145.6)         Ribery (148.6)

                                    Mandzukic (125.5)

Bench: Daniel Van Buyten (136.7), Xherdan Shaqiri (135.1), Mario Gomez (149.8), Rafinha (132.6), Claudio Pizarro (140.8), Anatoliy Tymoshchuk (128.7), Arjen Robben (162.2), Diego Contento (121.0)

Injured: Holger Badstuber (146.2)

Yellow card suspension: Martinez (107.3)


                                Vucinic (125.8)
                                                                Giovinco (109.8)

                           Marchisio (121.5)                     Vidal (137.6)
Asamoah (121.8)                                                                           Lichtsteiner (119.0)
                                                  Pirlo (153.6)

           Chiellini (136.8)             Bonucci (124.1)            Barzagli (134.4)

                                                 Buffon (154.5)

Bench: De Ceglie (112.6), Giovinco (109.8), Quagliarella (108.8), Matri (108.1), Pogba (119.7),Giaccherini (113.3), Peluso (99.8), Padoin (99.7), Anelka (148.0), Marrone (112.7)

Injured: Caceres (107.7), Isla (116.4), Bendtner (132.9)

For a great in-depth analysis of Juventus, I recommend reading the spielverlagerung.de. Unfortunately, the article in so far only available in German, but I think there are chances to get in translated into English.

My view

Two great teams will meet that both don't have obvious weak points in the staring XI. However, Bayern Munich seems to have the better player in general and particularly has better players on the bench. In case of injury or ff the second leg goes to extra time this may be important. Both teams have world-class goalkeepers with a good defence line. Junvetus' attack, given Bendtner is injured and Anelka unlikely to play, seems to depend too much on Pirlo and may seem less frightening. But beware if they are in lead.


According to Goalimpact the chances of Bayern Munich are good. However, they are slightly less optimistic than the current Betfair odds for the first leg.