Development of the Top Five Leagues

Back in February I analyzed the development of the top five leagues in Europe. Both the algorithm and the database has improved since then. Not to mention the football world as such that developed. Time for an update.

Back in 1990, Bundesliga was the strongest league and it stayed like this until throughout the nineties. Serie A was the runner up, followed by the Primera Division and the English Premier League. In the early 2000s they were all equal in Goalimpact terms.

But from this area of high competition on European level, the Premier League and the Bundesliga emerged as new champions while Primera Division and especially Serie A lost ground. Serie A dropped for a short time period even below the French Ligue 1 and recovered only slowly since then. The Primera Division followed the leading England and Germany, but couldn't catch up so far. The Premier League had some edge above Bundesliga between 2006 and 2010, but Bundesliga caught up in the meantime. Certainly, calls that the Premier League fall behind continental football look premature.