RB Salzburg - Rapid Wien 6:1

Red Bull Salzburg takes the pole position in the Austrian Bundesliga right from the start and, frankly, is unlikely to ever lose it again. Even the second team in the league, Rapid Wien, is no match to Salzburg's exquisite offensive and defensive power that would without problem be very competitive in the German Bundesliga, too.

The odds based on starting XI were RB Salzburg: 59.4%, draw: 25.3%, Rapid Wien: 15.3%. It would be even stronger biased towards Salzburg if the best players would form the starting XI. However, Adolf Hütter chose to play with Schiemer that turned out to be the weak link in the defense. He was replaced by Ramalho in minute 55.

That some of the Salzburg players aren't even playing for their respective national teams seems odd and indicates a bias of football pundits against the Austrian league. Due to some technical reasons, the league may be a bit overrated in our algorithm a few points, but even if you'd subtract 10 points from all Schwegler, you'd still expect him to play for Switzerland.

RB Salzburg

PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeLast National TeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Péter Gulácsi119.9119.924.2Ungarn [U21]1079664
Christian Schwegler138.7145.130.127224169
Franz Schiemer111.5116.928.3Österreich26221968
Andreas Ulmer140.9146.428.7Österreich25422594
Martin Hinteregger132.9149.721.8Österreich [U21]15913243
Stefan Ilsanker134.4137.325.1Österreich [U21]23118078
Christoph Leitgeb122.1127.829.3Österreich31225285
Kevin Kampl139.2146.923.8Slowenien20617407
Sadio Mané128.2142.622.3Senegal1108739
Jonathan Soriano129.4135.028.820113914
Peter Ankersen108.3115.823.8Dänemark816917
André Ramalho138.1151.822.31109886
Marcel Sabitzer96.1124.920.3Österreich15811560
Alexander Walke105.7105.731.1Deutschland [U20]32029642
Naby Keita81.2120.019.4231917
Valentino Lazaro75.7128.918.3Österreich [U17]271391
Massimo Bruno104.5129.420.8Belgien [U21]946219

Rapid Wien

PlayerGoalimpactPeak GIAgeLast National TeamNo. GamesNo. Minutes
Ján Novota110.7110.730.6686320
Thomas Schrammel115.9118.126.820918424
Mario Sonnleitner114.1118.727.8Österreich [U21]33430329
Christopher Dibon121.2129.223.7Österreich [U21]19016972
Maximilian Hofmann109.3133.320.9524430
Thanos Petsos108.0118.623.1Griechenland [U21]15310968
Stefan Schwab94.5102.123.8Österreich [U21]17513638
Louis Schaub103.7141.119.5Österreich [U21]1026562
Steffen Hofmann111.4143.333.844037150
Lukas Grozurek116.2129.222.5Österreich [U21]1679168
Deni Alar104.5109.524.4Österreich [U21]19811359
Philipp Schobesberger109.2137.820.3947119
Dominik Wydra102.9131.720.3Österreich [U19]936865
Robert Beric111.2121.923.0Slowenien [U21]1088402
Marko Maric90.390.318.5Kroatien [U17]242185
Brian Behrendt117.2129.522.712610159
Mario Pavelic104.7129.620.8Österreich [U19]725840
Stefan Stangl95.5107.822.713911819