Sadio Mane - Mover of the Month

Not many leagues were ongoing in July so this month's top mover comes naturally from a league that was. Sadio Mane from Red Bull Salzburg plays in the Austrian Bundesliga and played already three games for them in July. The 21 years old left wing played two league games and one game in the Champions League qualification round. These were the results.

Wiener Neustadt - RB Salzburg1:5
RB Salzburg - Austria Wien5:1
RB Salzburg - Fenerbahce1:1

Three excellent results, especially if one considers that Mane left the Fenerbahce game when Salzburg was still 1:0 in lead. This lead to an increase in Goalimpact of 6.4 points as shown in the chart.

Mane appears to be a big talent and we shouldn't be surprised if he is soon going to play in a bigger league soon. With a Goalimpact of 119 he qualifies for a Big5 league team. Actually, the transfer window didn't close yet.