Top Rated Under-21 XI in Europe published their bottom-up picks of the best under 22 years players playing in the five top leagues of Europe. So let's compare that to the top-down view of that. WhoScored picks are

When comparing the players to the one selected by Goalimpact, I was first surprised they were quite different. But then I realized that some of the best young players according to Goalimpact are actually not playing at least ten games in the top five leagues, so I restrict my analysis to the top leagues, too, otherwise the results are not comparable.

Substitutes: Oscar (CM, 125.7), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (RF, 124.0), David Alaba (LB, 121.0), Cristian Tello (LF, 120.5), Juan (CB, 119.0), Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK, 115.0)

Besides the obvious fact that make nicer graphs, what do you think about the picks?