How you can benefit from Goalimpact:

  • Optimized transfer balance sheets
  • Risk minimization in player transfers
  • Increasing predictability of end of season result
  • Useful fulfillment of UEFA homegrown player obligation
  • Timely sale of players at their career peak
  • Early revised contract offer at over performance

Squad monitoring

The biggest assets of a club are its players. Monitoring team's quality, development and expected performance is key for a sustainable healthy balance sheet. With Goalimpact all squad prospects can be compared to their peer group regarding current playing strength, development potential and expected market value.

For existing contracts, Goalimpact enables a club’s management to fulfil transfers at a point where the highest possible value for a player is achieved. Timely sale of underperforming players are executed if necessary and early revised contracts are offered at over performance.


End of season prediction

For each of the 55,000+ active football players in the database Goalimpact is able to predict their development. This is the basis on which Goalimpact forecasts a team’s results for the ongoing or future seasons. You can see how your team ranks in relation to your league peers and how likely you are to reach your season target.

Benefits for you are an increasing predictability of end of season placement including what-if calculations of current transfer targets also in relation to all other clubs of the same competition.


Contracts for young players

Naturally, young players have high expectations and want to know, not only when they have a professional contract but also playing time within your first team.

Goalimpact provides an objective system of incorruptible data for young players. Development goals can be set and salaries adjusted according to a player’s current Goalimpact providing a fair and understandable system for all stakeholders.

Goalimpact can also be used for player under 18 years of age. The UEFA homegrown player rule will not only be fulfilled, but young players with a professional team contract will finally be of real value for your club.


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