How you can benefit from Goalimpact:

  • Objective quantitative verification of subjective scouting impression
  • Identification and development of undervalued talents
  • Early addressing of undiscovered players
  • Finding all appropriate players for a vacant position
  • Improved permeability for own youth players

Talent Radar

Goalimpact identifies reliably undervalued football talents at a very early stage. Players can be signed by you before they appear on everybody's scouting list. By setting individual filter criteria for age, league, current Goalimpact, predicted peak Goalimpact, position and market value, all appropriate players will be found.

Using this service on a regular basis simplifies the first step in player recruitment significantly. With vast amounts of qualitative data, which needs to be interpreted thoroughly, e.g. combat strength, running performance, passing percentage etc., there is a lack in objective quantitative analytics.  Goalimpact provides this data with an easy understandable and constantly back tested KPI.


Target Check

The Goalimpact target check is being used for an objective quantitative verification of the subjective impression of your scouting department. It answers the question how the player adds to and improves the team’s success. The risk in player transfers is minimized even before looking deeper at a player and starting negotiations.

Goalimpact receives a list of domestic and international recruitment targets from you. The Goalimpact software delivers results for the current strength of a player, their possible direct support in fulfilling your club’s targets as well as a prediction of the player’s future development with regards to age, team and league peers.


Youth player development

You can use Goalimpact to optimize your Under 19 and Under 17 youth teams by tracking the current Goalimpactall players and forecasting their development. At an early stage Goalimpact predicts reliably the most talented players of your youth squads. We also track the estimated date a talent is ready to compete in a higher league or even within your first team.

Loan decisions and durations are supported thoroughly by objective Goalimpact data. Young players are given the possibility to make use of their real strength and gain playing experience within the right environment for above peer group results in individual young player development.


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