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Goalimpact is an objective player rating system that rates football players by their impact on the goal difference.



What is Goalimpact?

How do you know if a player is good?

Goalimpact can help you to improve your decision-making in signing football players. It rates how good a player is based on how much they contribute to the goal difference.

How do you know if a player is good?

This is the key question in making football transfers. Most definitions of 'good player', are just subjective opinions, sometimes fancily supported by cherry-picked data. In contrast, Goalimpact rates a player objectively and bias-free: only by measuring their impact on the goal differene of their team.

How you can use Goalimpact to...

Improve your squad strategically

Goalimpact is a scouting tool that helps you to improve your team level by signing individual players more strategically.

Find great talents earlier than others

Goalimpact reliably predicts the future potential of young talents. We thereby enable Clubs to detect great talents early on.

Double check transfers

With Goalimpact your transfer decisison can be double checked, thereby minimize risk.

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What our customers say

Goalimpact for Lechia Gdansk is the strategic squad planning tool of choice. Now we can reliably and objectively identify players that are worthwhile to sign and thereby improve our investment decisions. Every decision-maker in football can benefit from Goalimpact.

Adam Mandziara

Chairman of Supervisory Boad Lechia Gdansk

Goalimpact is a revolution in football scouting. Goalimpact overcomes individual biases, and analyses how good a player really is, instead of relying on subjective opinion. Goalimpact is thus a great risk-managment tool for football managers and investors.

Matthias Seidel

Founder of and Scoutastic