Our Journey


Algorithm founded. Jörg winning the private betting game with colleagues for the Euro 2004


Goalimpact shifts from Team Rating System to Player Rating System


Goalimpact became a company. Algorithm was updated by the Aging Factor


Lechia Gdansk became a strategic partner of Goalimpact


Goalimpact goes professional

Our Story

Goalimpact was founded in 2004 by Jörg Seidel to participate in a sports bet with work colleagues for the Euro Championship. Jörg used his knowledge as a trading and financial risk analyst. The algorithm identified Greece as an underrated underdog and Jörg won the bet by far.

Back then, the algorithm rated teams. But then Jörg changed ít into a player rating system, which measures a players impact on the goal difference. Goalimpact was born. One of the most promising talents predicted by Goalimpact was Mesut Özil. He was only 17 years old at the time but was better than many older players. Jörg thought there might be a mistake in the system, but as we all know now, there wasn't.

Since then the software has been improved and now includes verified data about how players age, how good their teammates and opponents are, and level of fatigueness during the game. Since 2014, our predictions have been better than what people from the betting market thought.

Goalimpact has discovered world-class talents across the globe early on, such as Alphonso Davies, Julian Brandt, Youri Tielemanns, Matthijs de Ligt, and Kai Havertz.

Who We Are

Jörg Seidel


Dr. Patrick May

Head of Business Development