Goalimpactʼs unique capabilities

  • Most extensive offer with full data for 320,000+ active players
  • Full cross league comparability of all players and teams out of 200 competitions
  • Reliable youth player data available starting for Under 17 teams
  • Proven prediction and forecast ability of Goalimpact service
  • Demonstrated track record, back testing and 12 years of R&D

Our story

Goalimpact was founded in 2004 by current CTO Jörg Seidel to participate in a sport bet with work colleagues for the Euro Championship that year. Jörg used the knowledge he gained by working as a trading analyst and risk controller since 1999. Nobel prize awarded Shapley Value was applied in first place, Greece identified as a dark horse by the algorithm and Jörg won the bet by far.

The system was adjusted and suddenly a young player, named Mesut Özil – back then 17 years old – was predicted constantly as one of the most promising talents.

Jörg had never heard of Özil before, outperforming many older players, and thought there might be a mistake within the system.

Since then, the software has been improved significantly adding more and more data and adjusting for age, teammates and opponents’ strength as well as fatigue during a match and red cards.

The software is developed further on a constant basis and results are exceptional. Back-testing takes place at any stage and since 2014 the predictions outperform the betting markets statistically.

Though the main focus of Goalimpact is not even the prediction of season outcomes, we deliver better results than most systems focusing on this issue.


How it works

We do not believe in the validity of subjective interpretation of qualitative data. Therefore we have developed an algorithm solely based on incorruptible quantitative data. Within our software every player is assigned a value for his true impact on team success.

Starting at approximately two season of data input into our system, we can evaluate the current and forecast reliably the player’s future real strength. This is what we call the Goalimpact.

Our system uses an entirely different approach compared to most other player rating systems. We do not record single player actions and try to value them. Instead, we rate players by the outcome of all their matches.

Goalimpact measures the extent that a player contributes to the goal difference of a team. If a player is assigned a high index value, then the team has a good goal difference when this player is on the pitch compared to matches where this player is not active.

We average the impact of all games of a player’s career for all clubs, competitions and seasons in relation to all other players in our database. This rating is adjusted by teammate’s values and the opposition strength, furthermore by such factors as number of minutes played, home advantage, fatigue degree and red cards in a game.

At the end, a pure skill level remains.

The best players in the world achieve above 200 index points. Also every club and league has an average value. The average for the first German Bundesliga for example is approx. 119 points with peaks of up to 162 on average for top teams. Spanish La Liga has an average of 111 points and Italian Serie A is rated with a Goalimpact of 104 on average.


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